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Vaidya Homeopathic Clinic was setup in 2005 as an independent clinic based on the homeopathic discipline with a focus on providing high quality health care. Since then, we have grown to cater to a clientele not just in Bangalore, India where the clinic is based, but spreadHomeopathy and homeopathic treatment/ Homeopathic clinic across various geographies including the USA, Canada, Singapore and Middle East. The biggest testimony to the quality and dedication of the doctors at ‘Vaidya’ is that the entire growth has been driven by referrals from patients delighted with the attention they have received and the outcomes of the treatment.

Today along with the Homeopathic consultation we have experts in other fields of holistic medicine, such as Diet and nutrition, Therapeutic Yoga & Pranayama and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Homeopathy and homeopathic treatment/ Homeopathic clinicThe doctors at Vaidya are a team of Homeopathic specialists trained internationally and come with a rich experience in treating a wide range of conditions from peadiatric, respiratory, dermatological to gynecological and general conditions like diabetes, obesity etc. While giving symptomatic relief and treating medical conditions is the immediate focus of the treatment, a lot of importance is also given to maintaining good health through ongoing management, creating healthy lifestyles, and helping maintain a balanced physical and emotional well being. Primarily focused on disease treatment, we at ‘Vaidya’ believe in maintaining good health.

Your ‘Family doctor’
At Vaidya we strive at providing holistic solutions to the entire family. As family doctors, at Vaidya health centre we work at health management through building a personal rapport with patients. We interact with each individual and work with them towards betterment of overall health and improving the balance & quality of life, rather than stopping at just addressing the immediate physical health concern.

The Doctors

Dr. Madhuri Vaidyeswar

A Homeopathic doctor from the Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore, Dr. Madhuri Vaidyeswar has many years of successful clinical experience. On qualifying, sheHomeopathy and homeopathic treatment/ Homeopathic clinic> worked with two highly reputed Clinics for a few years, before branching out on her own to start Vaidya Homeopathic Clinic in 2005. Post-qualification, she has trained at the Academy of Classical Homeopathy- Greece, under the world famous Homeopath Dr. George Vithoulkas who has been awarded the alternative Nobel prize for his work in Homeopathic healthcare. She is currently pursuing her MD from the British institute of Homeopathy, UK.

Dr. Madhuri is also a practicing consultant of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Trained by Dr. Richard McHugh, she applies NLP in the field of health, psychosomatic illnesses and stress related health conditions, and has shown excellent results through this. She brings together her strengths in these complementary fields to the best advantage of her patients.

Dr Vidya Rani

Dr. Vidya Rani, a Homeopathic Doctor, and an excellent counselor is a specialist consultant at Vaidya Health center. Having done her BHMS from the Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences, Bangalore, she has pursued her post graduate studies in the field of counseling andHomeopathy and homeopathic treatment/ Homeopathic clinic> has been awarded the degree of MSCP from the Kuvempu University, Karnataka.

She has specialized in the practice of Classical Homeopathy, and trained with Dr. Prafull Vijaykar from Mumbai. Her practice has been focused on the Homeopathic treatment of peadiatric cases and incurable diseases, along with the general practice. She has shown excellent results in children with conduct and learning disorders, Hyperactivity syndromes, and mood disorders etc with Homeopathic treatment and counseling. She brings with her a deep empathy and understanding of patient issues.

Mr. Nagendra Belavadi
Yoga therapist and consultant

A practitioner and yoga therapist trained by the Global Zen Foundation in Bangalore, has been teaching the practice of yoga and pranayama for the past five years. He specializes in therapy with yoga for specific conditions like asthma, arthritis, Back pain, menopause. He comes with an experience of treating these specific conditions and effectively curing them through pranayama and the practice of asanas.

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