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Holistic Health services

At Vaidya health centre we are committed to improving lifestyles for long term benefits to your health. Along with prescribed Homeopathic medication for most illnesses, we also use the holistic means of yoga, pranayama, specific advice on diet, and various counseling techniques to make sure that the benefit of the healthcare received are long term.

Homeopathic consultation and treatment
Therapeutic yoga and pranayama
Yoga for antenatal care (pregnancy)
NLP (Neuro Linguistic programming) therapy
Corporate healthcare services


Homeopathy is the second most used medical system globally (source: The World Health organization (WHO)). Homeopathy is a therapeutic system, described by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician. His search for a better answer to chronic illnesses resulted in his formulation of this system.

Therapeutic yoga and pranayama

At Vaidya, we provide Yoga therapy for specific stress and lifestyle related illnesses and for chronic diseases. Yoga therapy can be especially useful in chronic backache, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, menstrual problems in women etc.

In the practice of yoga the deep breathing and the asanas, help the natural body processes of breath, circulation, digestion, hormone and chemical levels return to their natural state of balance. This reduces the effects of stress; stimulants, anger, and tension on the body, allowing the body and mind slow down and relax.

The yoga therapy is one on one therapy, where the yogasanas and the pranayama are planned and taught based specifically on the problems of the person.

The sessions are mostly once a week spread over 1-3 months, so that the teaching is step by step, and can be imbibed into the daily routine.

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Yoga for antenatal care (pregnancy)

Yoga during pregnancy helps tone the body, and the specific antenatal asanas tone and strengthen the muscles of the pelvic area which helps have a relatively easy and normal delivery.

The practice of yoga can also prevent anxiety, pregnancy induced diabetes or hypertension, and removes any effects of stress. The breathing techniques can assist in maintaining good health during the pregnancy.

It also is the best way to assure a normal delivery, with a healthy child and mother.

At ‘Vaidya’ Antenatal yoga is taught one on one, giving total personal attention, as it is very important to ensure that the asanas are properly learned and practiced. Antenatal yoga is best started in the second trimester and continued up to the 9th month.

Post natal weight care therapy is conducted from the 4th month after delivery.

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NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) therapy

NLP or Neuro linguistic programming is a type of psychological therapy, which is used as complementary to health and treatment of various disease conditions. There are neuro-psychological patterns to health and the development of illness, and these patterns when recognized and reversed can lead to an improved response to medication, relief of symptoms and return to a healthy state. The NLP techniques can go a long way in preventing and treating health issues, even in combination with medication or other therapies.

We have shown excellent results in treating substance addiction, recovery from psychological trauma, coping with fears and phobias, obsessive behavior patterns with a combination of NLP therapy and Homeopathic medication.

NLP Parenting workshops, NLP health workshops for weight change etc are regularly conducted at Vaidya Health Centre.

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Corporate Healthcare Services

We work with Corporates, offering onsite consultation and health care for the benefit of the employees.

Services provided:

  • Discussion on Holistic healthcare by doctors from Vaidya, followed by
  • One on one Health assessment and problem evaluation for individuals.
  • Consultation and advice on appropriate holistic treatment. 

Subsequent on-site visits are structured weekly or fortnightly, for consultations and follow-ups.

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