Homeopathy, is also known as homeopathic medicines, is a medical system which was developed in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, about more than 200 years ago.

It’s based on scientific theories that are:
“Like cures like” - it means that a disease can be cured by a substance that produces similar symptoms in healthy people.
“Law of minimum dose” it means that lower the dose of the medication, the greater its effectiveness.

Homeopathic medicines in Homeopathy come from various natural source like plants example red onion, Arnica montana (Mountain herb), Rhus toxicodendron (Poison ivy), Belladonna (deadly nightshade), minerals (like white arsenic, common salt), or animals (like Spanish flies, Honey-bees).

Homeopathic medicines are often made as liquid dilutions put on the sugar pills and are to be placed under or on the tongue, homeopathic medicines may also be in other forms, like tonics, syrups, ointments, gels, drops, creams and tablets.

Treatments includes “individualized homeopathic medicines” or tailored-homeopathic medicines for every single person, therefore commonly different people would receive different homeopathic medicines for same medical condition or disease.

General Physician Doctors

We a team of professional doctors who are expert in a range of non-surgical health care to our clients.

Vaidya Homeopathic Clinic

Homeopathy is an effective and safe cure for any ailment. Visit our clinic for the best homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathic Doctors For Asthma

Heal the choking asthma issue by availing the effectual Homeopathic treatment by the efficient doctors.

Homeopathic Doctors For Cancer

Heal the cancer of varied types by availing the effectual Homeopathic treatment by the efficient doctors.

Homeopathic Doctors For Lung Cancer

We are one of the renowned and best homeopathic doctors for lung cancer providing effective medications.

Homeopathic Doctors For Piles

Now treat your piles with the tried and tested methods practiced by our Homeopathic doctors.

Skin Treatment Homeopathic Doctors

We are skilled, trained and experienced doctors, specialising in Skin and Dermatological homeopathic treatment.


With years of experience in treating patients with different allergies, our homeopathy doctors have got a hand on treating all types of allergies.

Alopecia Areata

A condition in which a person loses hair as the immune system mistakenly attacks their hair follicles. We provide the best Homeopathy treatment for this.


Everybody faces the problem of acne once in their lifetime. Avail homeopathy treatment from our experienced doctors.

Homeopathic Doctors For Acne Treatment

Want a best service to treat your acne? Contact us and our expert doctors would help you get rid of your acne.

Homeopathic Doctors

We are highly trained and experienced doctors, specialising in homeopathy treatment. Contact us now!

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Vaidya Homeopathic Clinic, situated at Shingada Talav, Nashik, Maharashtra provide perfect care to the patients with homeopathy and help them to get rid of the problem through which they are suffering from. Our objective is to deal with various health problems encountered by number of people. We are very proficient in our service. Our clinic has achieved eminence in this industry because of our client’s belief and trust.




There homeopathy treatment helped my grandfather get rid of asthma. Would recommend others.
Sheetal Patil
There homeopathy treatment are so helpful. Literally the best.
Pratik Rao
They helped me deal with eczema with their homeopathy treatment. Will surely recommend my friends & relatives.
Pankaj Sharma

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