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Aconite Belladonna Chamomilla Dulcamara Eupatorium perfoliatum Ficus vesiculosus Graphites Hyoscyamus Ignatia Jaborandi Kali carb. Lycopodium Magnesium muriaticum Natrium muriaticum Opium Palladium Q Rhus toxicodendron Stramonium Thuja Ustilago Valeriana Wyethia Xantoxylum fraxineum Yohimbium Zincum metallicum

Elementor #238

HEALING THE SICK HOMOEOPATHY IS THE FUTURE. SERVICES Schedule appointment Call + 7499517569 Address 125-B VRaj Capital, Near Fire Station, Opp. Hira Moti Car Decor, Shingada Talav, Nashik. Services Acute & Chronic diseases treatment by Homeopathy Email us Our expert doctors Consultant Homeopathic Physician. Alternative Therapist. Skin, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Venereal Diseases, Child Health Care …

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Vaidya Clinic is one of the leading Homoeopathic Clinic in Nashik, India. The clinic is under the direct control of Dr. Chaitanya Vaidya, a renowned Homoepathic practitioner having a vast variety of experience in all the different types of diseases and their management, treatment and cure by the Homoeopathic science and art.