Follow ups


Regular follow-up is of utmost importance in the treatment of any disease to know the effect of treatment, any changes to be made in the treatment plan, to regulate the use of medicines, to keep a check on the overall body systems, to monitor the vital signs of the body, to know the course of the diseases, to study the pattern of the disease, to come out a prognosis and to inform the patient about the changes in his disease condition and how to maintain further health for living a quality life ahead.

Follow-up charges.

₹500.00Properly organized medical follow-ups, physical examination, blood pressure check-up, weight checkup, Height check-up, body mass index calculation, temperature check-up, pulse check-up, pO2 check up, random sugar check-up, cardiovascular, respiratory, abdominal, etc. check-up depending upon the requirement of the case and prescription of homoeopathic treatment for your disease, suggestions of medical tests if required and advice given in diet and regimen.

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