Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Does Homeopathy really work? Are these small globules capable enough to cure a human being?

Answer: This system of Homeopathy was dicovered in 1796. That is, more than 200 years ago. Over these many years, more than millions of Homeopaths have treated millions of patients. If this system was not working, it would have perished just after it’s discovery but that did not happen because Homeopathy works. These small globules are like nuclear bomb which are droped on the tongue, Homeopathy is the medical nano-technology used since hundreds of years.

FAQ 2: Is homeopathy a placebo-effect?

Answer: Placebo effects may be seen adults (but actually that is also not true). But what would anyone say about the infants and little kids? How can one convince these little children and infants to get the placebo-effects. We actually observe the fever comibg down, diarrhoea stopping, blood sugar level coming back to normal range, skin eruptions, ringworms getting vanished in front of our eyes, the chronic cough stopping, ganglion disappearing from hands, acne and blemishes go from the face, thyroid levels coming back to normal, etc. after taking only homeopathic medicine. So, how can this be a placebo effect for anyone who has a logical mind?

FAQ 3: It is commonly said. that Homeopathic medicines work slowly.

Answer: It depends upon whom you are treating. If you are treating a patient suffering from a chronic disease, it is true that Homeopathic medicines work slowly. But the question is what is it that you want? Do you want complete and permanent cure or only temporary relief? It is like this if the disease has just started, it is like a small plant. It is easy to uproot it. But after it has grown in size and depth it becomes difficult to uproot a huge tree! 80 it takes time to cure patients suffering from chronic diseases. But the best part is, the patient is cured completely and permanently.

On the other hand, if you are treating a patient suffering from an acute disease that has started only’ recently, the homeopathic medicines act very quickly. At times, it has been observed that they work faster than the medicines in the other systems of medicine!

FAQ 4: Is it true that the patient has to follow a very strict and rigid diet and regimen?

Answer: This was followed until few years ago. But in the recent years, it. has been observed that food items like coffee, raw onions, garlic, spices and other food items do NOT have any adverse effect upon the action of the homoeopathic medicines. lf coffee had an adverse effect on the action of homeopathic medicines, it would not have worked at all in the southern states of India, where coffee is being consumed in extremely large quantities! Moreover, spices are also consumed all over India in large quantities. In spite of this, we can see patients getting cured with Homeopathy since last so many years.

FAQ 5: The Homeopathic physician asks so many questions which appear to be unrelated to the complaint patient has come for, so, is that much information really needed?

Answer: ln Homeopathy, it is considered that the patient as a whole is sick. It is not the parts or organs that are sick. So, even ifthe patient is having pain in the legs, it is because the person as an entire personality is sick. Naturally, this also has effects on the other apparently ‘unrelated’ systems and organs like stomach, head and mind. To understand the sickness of the entire personality, many questions must be asked that are apparently unrelated. The information gathered from such interaction sessions is useful in finding out the correct homeopatic medicine for the patient (and not for the disease).

FAQ 6: Is surgery allowed in Homeopathy?

Answer: Basically, one must understand that surgery is an entirely different method of treatment. It is neither allopathic nor homeopathic or any other system. The surgical instruments like scalpels, needles, etc. do not belong to any ‘system’. lfthe case is absolutely surgical, neither allopathic, nor homeopathic or medicine from any other system will help the patient. lf surgery is a must in a case, it must be performed. For example. fractures, surglcal congenital abnormalities, etc.

FAQ 7: All homeopathic medicines appear similar like little white globules. Why is it so that same medicine is given to all patients in spite of different complaints?

Answer: Although the globules look similar, the medicine put on these globules is different in each patient. Homoeopathic medicines are prepared from various sources. They are preserved in 90% alcohol. lfthis medicine is put directly on the tongue, it irritates and causes burning sensation of the tongue. To avoid this, the medicine is put on these sugar globules and given to the patients.

FAQ 8: Is it true that Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects?

Answer: Yes. lt is true that homeopathic medicines do not have any inborn bad effects. Just as a comparison, in the allopathic system, the medicines have some main effect and there are some ‘side’ effects that are inborn in that medicine. For example, a simple ‘aspirin’ has pain relieving as a main effect and two inborn ‘side’ effects increasing the acidity in the stomach and it makes the blood more fluid. But in homeopathy there are no such inborn ‘side’ effects. Anything consumed in excess of the requirement can harm anyone. Many articles of normal food can cause harm, if taken in excess. For example, if common salt is taken in excess, it can cause vomiting. Likewise, if a homoeopathic medicine is taken in excess can also cause bad effects. So, homeopathic medicines must always be taken only under expert advice.

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