Homeopathy and diseases

Homoeopathic treatment for all your diseases like asthma, arthritis, obesity, kidney stones, hair fall, cough, sinusitis, migraine, neck pain, back pain, abdomen pain, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, constipation, urine problems, loss of desire to eat, sneezing, neck swelling, lipomas, breast lumps, keloids, ganglions, frozen shoulder, hip pain, knee pain, thigh pain, calf pain, ankle pain, premature greying, acne, skin diseases, warts, PCOD, piles, dysmenorrhoea, bed wetting, infertility, memory weakness, business stress and anxiety, mental overexertion, physical overexertion, muscular weakness, deafness, hoarseness, singer’s laryngitis, piano players wrist pain,frequent oral ulcers, nasal polyps, phobias, depression, bartholin cysts, urinary infections, weakness, lack of energy, boredom, stress, anxiety, palpitations, loss of sleep, excess desires, liver diseases, kidney diseases, anemia, cancers, corns, vitiligo, stammering, chest pain, cardiac diseases, etc.

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