Laryngitis, acute as well as chronic, can be effectively treated with the employment of Homeopathic medicines. These medicines set off the body’s own restorative processes to enable it to fight off the disease and heal itself. The following medicines prove to be useful:

Argentum Met-
Argentum met is used when the symptoms include hoarseness of voice, and a sore feeling in the larynx. It is also used in cases of complete loss of voice, which is common among singers and public speakers. Hawking is likely, and viscid mucus discharge is indicated.

Arum Triphyllum-
Arum Triphyllum is also used for treating laryngitis occurring due to excessive voice use. This medicine is best for patients whose voice become uncontrollable and uncertain. Apart from a burning sensation, pain in the larynx when clearing the throat is also likely.

Phosphorus: For laryngitis accompanied by violent tickling in the larynx, which leads to coughing. The cough worsens with talking and reading. Voice hoarseness is also indicated, which worsens at night.

Drosera: Useful when laryngitis is accompanied by dry and irritating cough. A rough, scraping sensation is experienced in the throat, and voice hoarseness is indicated.

Acusticamente: For treating laryngitis, which occurs due to exposure to cold air. The larynx becomes inflamed after being exposed to cold, and voice hoarseness is likely to occur.

Belladonna –
Belladonna is useful when the larynx gets sore and painful, the throat turns red, and there is difficulty in swallowing food. A lump like sensation and a constricted feeling may be experienced in the throat.

Iodum –
Iodum is used when a rough, burning pain in the throat is experienced along with hoarseness and roughness of voice. Cough is also indicated, which results in gasping due to extreme pain.

Home Remedies

*Apple cider vinegar
Mix two tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a tablespoon of honey in half cup of water.Gargle with this mixture.

*Onion syrup
Take two medium sized onions.Simmer it in four cups and mix it with warm water .Sip the mixture slowly.

  • Ginger
    Chew fresh ginger , good for mucous member of larynx.

*Warm salt water.
Take some water and let it be warm. Mix salt in it and gargle several times a day.

Swallow some raw honey several times a day.


*Don’t shout

  • Rest your larynx
    *Do not smoke
    *Drink adequate fluids
    *Avoid citrus food
  • Avoid caffeine products.

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