Homoeopathic medicines for Ascites

APOCYNUM CAN. – A specific remedy for Ascites. Ascites often with chronic diarrhea. Due to liver and other diseases of the liver.Distension of abdomen after a moderate meal. Worse by cold.

APIS MEL – After fevers especially eruptive fevers. Absence of thirst. Unabsorbed effusions after inflammation of the serous cavities. Urine scanty. The skin is dry or pale, waxy and transpatent. Worse by heat and better by cold.

ARSENICUM ALBUM – Dropsy after scarlatina, with albumin in urine and thirst. Disorders of the heart and lungs. Puffiness of the face with edema around the eyelids.

CHINA OFF – Ascites due to loss of vital fluids.

DIGITALIS PUR. – Dropsy due to heart disease. Pulse is feeble and irregular. Nausea , vomiting and diarrhea. Urine dark, scanty and albuminous.

LACHESIS – Swelling of feet and genitals . Urine dark and albuminous. Skin dark or bluish white.Patient cannot tolerate the touch of clothings on abdomen, lies on back, lifting clothes from the abdomen.

LIATRIS SPICATA – A specific remedy for ascites.Dropsy due to liver, spleen and kidney diseases.

TEREBINTHINA – Dropsy with haemorrhage from the kidneys. Congestion of the kidneys. Dull aching pain in renal region. Urine is dark and smoky having ordor of violets.

URANIUM NITRICUM – Ascites with high blood pressure.

UREA – Renal dropsy with symptoms of general intoxication. Albuminuria, uraemia and diabetes . Urine of low specific gravity.

VESICARIA COM – Dropsy from complete failure of kidney.

MURIATIC ACID – Dropsy due to cancer of the liver.

LYCOPODIUM CLAVATUM – Dropsy from liver and spleen diseases. Lower half of the abdomen distended. Difficult breathing on lying down. Urine scanty and high colored.

THLASPI BURSA PASTORIS – Can be used as a specific remedy for ascites.

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