Inflammation of Fallopian tube is known as salpingitis

Salpingitis is a type of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID refers to an infection of the reproductive organs.
It develops when harmful bacteria enter the reproductive tract.


Salpingitis is usually caused by bacterial Infection acquired via vaginal intercourse,that involve bacteria such as Chlamydia or gonorrhoea.


  • Foul smelling vaginal discharge
  • Yellow vaginal discharge
  • Pain during ovulation, Menstruation,or sex
  • Spotting between periods
  • Dull lower back pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Frequent urination.

This condition can be acute – coming on suddenly with severe symptoms or

Chronic – lingering for a long time with little to no symptoms.

Sometimes, symptoms may go away without treatment, giving false impression that the underlying infection is no longer there.

If the infection isn’t treated,it can result in long term complications.


▶Inflammation of fallopian tubes is known as salpingitis. It is a type of pelvic inflammatory disease that can be acute or chronic. The inflammation is in most cases bacterial (majorly gonorrhea and chlamydia.) The fallopian tubes get infected if an infection travels past the vagina and the cervix.

Homeopathic Therapeutics

▶Homeopathy is highly effective in cases of salpingitis to reduce the inflammation of fallopian tubes. Symptoms including abnormal vaginal discharge, pain during periods/intercourse, lower back pain, spotting between periods and frequent urination tend to improve with homeopathy.

It is a prominent medicine for treating pain during periods in salpingitis. The pain is cramping or colicky in nature, the abdomen be distended, and the pain gets worse by eating or drinking. Extreme nausea and vomiting may attend the pain. Bending over double tends to relieve the pain.

It is indicated for salpingitis when the vaginal discharges are thick and yellow. The discharges are tenacious and profuse. They also tend to cause itching and have an offensive odor.

It is helpful for cases of salpingitis when putrid, offensive vaginal discharges are present. The discharge may be white or yellow and causes itching. It tends to get worse during standing and walking and there is an increased desire to urinate frequently. Exhaustion, fatigue, and weakness in the legs may be present. It also helps treat inter-menstrual bleeding in cases of salpingitis where the blood is dark and has an offensive odor.

Merc Sol
It is a well-indicated medicine for treating salpingitis with yellowish or greenish vaginal discharge. The discharge tends to get worse after periods. The discharge is also acrid in nature causing itching and smarting/biting pain in the genitals. Itching worsens from contact of urine. After scratching violent burning follows. The discharge may be noted more at the night time.

It is a top listed medicine to treat pelvic infections including salpingitis. Its use is indicated for cases of salpingitis having a history of gonorrhea infection. The symptom is acrid, itchy and excoriating vaginal discharges. The discharges are thick and have a peculiar fishy odor. This medicine also helps to manage intense pain during periods.

It is helpful for salpingitis when back pain attends leucorrhoea. There are thick, cream-like vaginal discharges that are burning in nature. There may be extreme pain during periods that spreads to the pelvic region, small of back and thighs. It is attended with great restlessness and pressure and heaviness felt in the abdomen. There may also be vomiting along with the pain.

It is an excellent medicine to manage the complaint of painful intercourse in cases of salpingitis. The pain is very intense. Along with pain, yellowish colored, fetid lumpy vaginal discharges may be present. These discharges are more during the daytime. They also tend to get worse after urination. Fullness and heaviness in the abdomen are also felt along with the above symptoms.

It is a useful medicine for salpingitis to manage the complaint of spotting between periods. There may be attending vaginal discharges that are profuse, yellow-colored and of excoriating nature. Violent itching and burning tend to arise from discharges which tend to worsen at night.

It is beneficial to manage complaint of frequent urination in salpingitis cases. The urine may either be scanty or copious varying from case to case. Pressure upon the bladder is felt with sensation as if it did not empty. Sometimes burning is felt during and after passing urine. The genitals may also be sensitive that is worse on sitting. Vaginal discharge may attend with itching in the vulva.

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